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South Africa in the News

I forgot to mention in the last post that I saw some of the aftermath of a nationwide municipal workers strike in South Africa.Unknowingly, we went to Middleburg the day after the strike and noticed the whole city was dirty, with trash cans dumped over and things like that. Everything, for the most part, was business as usual though. I realize that some of you are avid news readers and may have come across the story in the NY Times or the Washington Post. I won’t  even begin to attempt to explain the current political situation here, as I fear it is far to complicated. Check out the stories if you haven’t already, they will give you an idea.


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August 2nd 2009
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No Monkeys, No Internet

Brandi spent most of last week recovering from tick bite fever. As it was described to me by Riccardo, Michele, Emilie, and Brandi, it is like a less severe version of the flu. Tick bite fever is caused by a bacteria and is treated with a round of general antibiotics. ...
July 25th 2009
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Best of the Last 10 Days

I have been a lazy blogger for the last ten days, so I thought I would leave you all with just the greatest. This, I imagine, will be preferable to the same old fieldwork stories. Ruby, who hates bugs, managed to get over two hundred pepper ticks (the ones that give ...
July 14th 2009
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After yesterdays frustrations we spent the morning redoing the description sheets for the monkeys. For the last week we had been noticing that the sheets provided us with a limited amount of useful information. They are often too vague, like noting that a monkey has pink around the eyes (duh, ...
July 13th 2009
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2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Today was a really bad day for monkey watching. The monkeys moved into what I will now call the crappy donga. The donga where the Blesbok groups ranges is split by the road. On one side there is a decent visibility and maneuverability throughout the donga, but on the other ...
July 12th 2009
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Brandi is letting me stay on poop duty until I get tired of it. Brandi, Liz, and Ruby are all working together on focal sampling. As it turns out, 2 people is really not enough to keep track of an individual, especially since we are still slow with identifications. I ...


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