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After yesterdays frustrations we spent the morning redoing the description sheets for the monkeys. For the last week we had been noticing that the sheets provided us with a limited amount of useful information. They are often too vague, like noting that a monkey has pink around the eyes (duh, they all have pink around the eyes!). We joked about making some bogus ones for the next people who work on the group, like “primate, white with a black face, tail.” Anyway, we were able to add specificity to many of the descriptions and also new diagnostic characteristics that may have developed since the last time the group has been worked with.

We went out in the afternoon to find the group for tomorrow and try to do follows. We all checked the crappy donga, holding our breaths, hoping that they did not move back into the hills where we would not be able to follow them. We didn’t see any signs of the group, so we checked the donga on the other side of the road. Everyone was surprised that they had crossed back into what I will now refer to as the happy donga. I ran into a herd of giraffes, which was a little scary. One got a little too close to me and started snorting, so I casually moved behind a tree until he calmed down. When 6 giraffes run past you, they are LOUD. As a note, giraffes are not considered dangerous out here. We got a few hours of observation in and we went back to camp feeling much better after yesterday’s setback.


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  1. Pattee!
    Jul 22nd 2009

    Wow! Giraffes are the coolest! So lucky girl!

  1. July 14th 2009
  2. July 14th 2009


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