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Best of the Last 10 Days

I have been a lazy blogger for the last ten days, so I thought I would leave you all with just the greatest. This, I imagine, will be preferable to the same old fieldwork stories.

Ruby, who hates bugs, managed to get over two hundred pepper ticks (the ones that give you tick bite fever) in her clothes. This was much like watching a very amusing train wreck. Luckily, Michele helped her, because she was about to cry and we were all trying not to laugh.

Brandi managed to get a handful of ticks in her clothes, she now has tick bite fever.

I got peed on by the monkeys an additional 2 times, for a grand total of 3 in one week. The second time is what I would refer to as a direct hit, I don’t think that a single drop made it to the ground. This is not a camp record I wanted to set.

Brandi andImade group dinner for camp. For the appetizer we served fajitas (lime and cilantro chicken and vegetarian) and homemade salsa. For the entree we had chili (vegetarian and meat) and cornbread. And for desert we made a trifle with vanilla pound cake, lemon curd, and whipped cream. We totally stuck it to the Europeans. Riccardo said it was “rather impressive,” this is extremely high praise.

Erica and Stephanie finished their experiments. They will be leaving soon.

Stephanie and Michele made pop and Mopane worms. I tried one and they were okay. I don’t know how to describe them. They tasted like a shoe store smells, if that makes any sense. Pop is a staple food here, it is made a maize meal and flour.

My trip continues to kill off celebrities.

The rat that lives in Emilie’s room, Gustav, is really Gustavina. She proudly announced that she had 4 baby rats, and that they ate through some of her clothes. She has a complicated relationship with her housemates.

Camp was control burned without any prior warning. This was a bit shocking.

It is still quite cold here. The temperature in my room when I wake up is about 5 degrees Celsius. It heats up after sunrise.

I saw a few new/exciting animals. We went to the reptile park so I saw a good selection of snakes, but still no python. On the way to the water pump, Brandi and I saw a genet. I saw a galago jump past the window in the kitchen. I found my first porcupine quill butIleft it by some shit I was collecting.

The vervets have stolen food from the kitchen 3 times. They are sneaky little bastards.

We hiked 30 minutes to the top of a mountain to drink and watch the sun set over the dam.

Good times.


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