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No Monkeys, No Internet

Brandi spent most of last week recovering from tick bite fever. As it was described to me by Riccardo, Michele, Emilie, and Brandi, it is like a less severe version of the flu. Tick bite fever is caused by a bacteria and is treated with a round of general antibiotics. Not so bad, right? Well, Brandi had the benefit of catching it early so she missed out on a high fever and severe headaches, but still suffered from terrible body aches. Needless to say, we got a few days off.

We finally got back into the swing of things, except the monkeys have decided not to cooperate. We had such good luck finding them over the last weeks, and now we have gone days without seeing them. Ideas? Well, we have been seeing brown hyena prints all over the road. Cat prints are identified by the three pads on their feet. The baboons have also been on the move through the home range, but that is not unusual. Maybe they were scared off? We figured that the monkeys went through the crappy donga into the magic and hidden dongas. We even went to the lengths to check them. Oh boy, was that ever fun. Erica never showed us that part of the range before they left, we figured we would just follow them up there if they went, but they never did. That is, until Brandi got sick and we weren’t with them from dawn to dusk. So anyway, we walked to the split and Ruby and I checked the magic donga and Brandi and Liz checked the hidden donga. The magic donga was the easy one, it is short and flat. We made it to the end and were turning around when we hear on the radio “Brandi to Ruby and Katie, over.” Monkeys? No. What? A second split? Shit. Brandi and Liz, on their 30 minute hike up the mountain, found a second split and now nobody is sure if those were the magic and hidden dongas, or the earlier split was. So Ruby and I walked back and up in the other direction to check the second split. We hiked half way up the side of this damn mountain, ran into a pissed off bushbuck, and yet another split. No monkeys. We headed back to the car.

The camp has also been out of internet for the last five days. Somebody, I won’t name names, decided to video skype with their boyfriend for an hour and used up the rest of the internet. Lets put it this way, it wasn’t our team and it wasn’t Riccardo’s team. Erica and Stephanie left camp to check out some new monkey sites and now we haven’t had internet for the last five days. For the month we only have 3 gb via satellite, so we are all expected to use it sparingly. On Friday we all stayed up late and had a party for more internet at midnight. It was so much fun. Brandi cleaned out the storage room and found a ton of decorations from past holidays and some Christmas crackers. We all put on funny party hats and beads. The kitchen was decked out with birthday, christmas, mardi gras, and swiss flag decorations. We played party games until midnight.


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